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Bar Modeling

Bar models are pictorial representations of problems or concepts that can be used for any of the operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In word problems, bar models hold a huge benefit of helping students decide which operations to use and visualize problems. 

Learn about the many types and levels of bar modeling for solving relevant and real-world problems. Solve simple to complex multi-step problems.

These concepts give students the advantage to transition smoothly from arithmetic to algebra.

K-8 Early Childhood and Middle School Teachers can deepen their understanding of solving many types of word problems.

Student-Generated Data (SGD)

Using Charts and Tables

SGD is relative to the students and increases the possibility that students will take a special interest in the analysis and reporting their findings.

The workshop includes samples of SGD and ways to perform analysis through practical applications arithmetic, probability, and statistics. 

The use of excel spreadsheet can be used to display the results of the data. 

Teachers are encouraged to use their creativity to find ways for students to generate and report their own data. 



Plickers: A powerfully simple tool that allows teacher to collect Real-Time Formative Assessment Data without the need for student devices.

Quizlet: Make Simple Learning Tools that lets you study topics across the curriculum. Create a study set of material you need to practice and master. Quizlet will quickstart your studying with an adaptive study plan and notifications that remind you when it is time to focus.

Quizizz: Gamified Quizzes for all              subjects to play in a class. Motivate    students using free self-paced quizzes to  review, assess, and engage in class and at home.

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Science and Engineering

Maker Spaces

Collaborative work spaces inside a school for making, learning, exploring, and sharing that implements the Engineering Design Process (EDP) using hi-tech to low-tech tools.

Rocket Design

Hover Crafts

Auto Design

Coding Binary Bracelets

Track Design 


Water collection, filtration, and maintenance

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